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Each Week Millions of People Share a Common Bond – Watching a Movie.

Although the setting may be different, the ability to escape for a few hours to enjoy a movie is one of life’s simple pleasures. Luckily, the joy of seeing a good film doesn’t need to end the moment the credits roll. 

Filmbuffet invites movie fans to continue their movie experience online. Think of us like your friendly neighborhood coffee shop.  Only instead of coffee, we’re serving up a mixture of good conversation, original reviews and the opportunity to make new friends with others who share your interest in film.  A place where you’re the star and your opinion matters.

As the first social networking and movie cataloging site of its kind dedicated to movie lovers, we invite you to build your own virtual movie collection to share with friends and other movie lovers. Discover the movies your friends and family members loved – or hated.  Influence other movie fans by rating and discussing movies.  Learn from other movie fans with similar tastes in film.

And if you’re dying to see a film featured in another member’s movie collection? You can also watch movie trailers or purchase DVDs and movie tickets from the Filmbuffet site.

Filmbuffet Producers

Movies are such an integral part of our culture, yet so many of us know little about the movies a friend or family member has in their collection.  This along with a lifelong love of movies sparked the idea to create a social networking and movie cataloging site dedicated to movie fans. With a blend of talent, ingenuity and business savvy, founders Timothy Stevens and Juan Carlos Martinez brought their creativity and expertise together to bring a new experience to movie fans everywhere.

Timothy Stevens btn_in_20x15.png

The CEO and co-founder of Filmbuffet, Stevens has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. As the business development, operations and marketing strategy expert, Stevens excels at taking conceptual ideas and making them a reality through his intuitive and visionary approach. Throughout his career, he’s held leadership positions at entertainment legends including New Line Cinema, Viacom, MTV Networks, Showtime Networks, and Newsweek Magazine. He’s overseen numerous business and technical projects for MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Showtime and CBS.

Juan Carlos Martinez  btn_in_20x15.png

The President and co-founder of Filmbuffet, Martinez is an expert of visual and interactive design. As the architect, product developer and creative director, Martinez is the mastermind and driving force behind the Filmbuffet member experience. Martinez owned his own successful web design firm and has played a starring role in designing websites and interactive marketing campaigns for some of the nation’s leading brands. His work has brought brands to life through interactive campaigns that engage, invite and inspire. His latest venture, Filmbuffet puts his two passions, film and design, together.


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