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Become a Filmbuffet member.  Membership is free and easy.  Simply log in using your Facebook ID or set up a new account by creating a user ID and clicking on the “Join Now” button on the home page.

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How to find films, other members, groups or discussions.

To make finding the movies you are looking for easy, a search box is featured on each page of Filmbuffet. To find a particular film, enter the movie name into the search box and make sure “Movies” is featured in the drop down window.  Click on the “Search”  button.  A new window will open featuring movies that relate to the information you input.

In addition to movies, you can also use the search function to search for friends, groups or discussions.  Enter your search terms and click on “Search.” 

Not sure what movie you’re looking for? You can also use the “Advanced Search” option to search for films by film rating, genre, actor, director and other keywords.

How to Set Up Your Film Collection Library

Filmbuffet lets you highlight the films you’ve seen, want to see, currently own or plan to purchase. To start building your movie collection, search for films using the search box.  Once you find a film you’d like to add to your collection. Mouse over the picture of the movie you’d like to add.  A new window will open, click on the “Add to Collection” to add the film to your personal movie collection. You also have the option to start a “Discussion” or “Buy It.”

After clicking on the “Add to Collection” button, a new window will appear with a few options for you to choose from.  In this window, select one of the following options by clicking on the box to the left of the type:

- Seen It
- Plan to See It
- I Own It
- Add to Wish List
- Add to Favorites

If you’re a member of any groups, you’ll also have the option to add the film you’ve selected to a group. Click on the “OK” button to close the window and return to the movie search summary page.

Can I watch films on Filmbuffet?

No, but you can view trailers. To watch a film trailer on Filmbuffet, simply search for the movie you’re interested in and double click on the movie.  A new window will open. On the left hand side, you’ll see an option to watch the trailer for the movie. Click “Watch Trailer.” A new window will launch. Press the play button to watch the movie clip. 

How do I find films that I have in common with other members?

Every movie featured on the Filmbuffet website, highlights members who have added a movie to their collection.

If you are searching for members that also enjoy one of your favorite movies, double click on the movie in your collection.  Scroll down the page and you’ll find other members that also have that film highlighted in their collection.  Members who own the movie or plan on seeing the movie are also highlighted in the left-hand column.

Where do I find film recommendations? 

Is there a film you really love?  Filmbuffet can help you find movies similar to the ones you love.  Search for your favorite film. Double click on the film and the movie summary page will appear.  Scroll down on the page and you’ll find similar films highlighted.

Where do I post general movie questions?

Love movie quotes or do you consider yourself a movie trivia junky?  The Buzz section of the Filmbuffet website invites you to post questions to other Filmbuffet members.  This Filmbuffet forum invites conversation and interaction between members. 

There is a category for any film discussion. From finding answers to your most pressing movie questions to sharing your opinion on the best and worst films of the year, take some time to join the conversation on “The Buzz.”

How do a start a group?

To preview the groups currently on Filmbuffet, click on the “Group” tab. Before starting a group, do a search to see if a similar group exists.  If one does not exist, you can start a new group by clicking on the “Start a Group” button located in the Groups menu bar.

I cannot find a particular movie. Can I add movies to the FilmBuffet database? 

Yes, you can. To suggest movies click on the link titled "Suggest a Movie" located on the footer of every page. Your suggestions will be reviewed before being approved.

How do I report a technical issue?

If you experience technical difficulties on any portion of the website, please let us know. Please Click Here to report technical difficulties. Please explain the issue you’ve experienced in detail.

Having trouble activating your account?

After creating an account, you should have received an email from us instructing you to click on the link within the email to complete the registration process. 

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There are a number of reasons why messages may not arrive in your inbox.  Messages can skip your inbox and end up in your All Mail, Spam, or Trash folders, as the result of automatic spam filtering or filters that you've set up on your messages. 

Please check your Spam and Trash folders, and try performing a search of all mail in your account for the message.  

Make sure to mark the email as "not junk" to prevent future FilmBuffet emails from going to the junk/spam folder.  

You can request the email to be sent to you again by visiting and logging in using your email and password. You will be presented with a link to request the verification email to be sent again.

What is a Filmbuffet Badge?

A Filmbuffet Badge is a pictogram that shows your movie genre preferences and maybe a little bit about your personality too. Take a look at yours on your public page and see how it compares to other users.  Use it to connect to similar users, compare with friends and share it on facebook. 

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