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Movie Review: I Confess

Brody Manson image

Brody Manson wrote this review 3 years and 1 month ago

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***Spoiler Alert*** I Confess that this is the 1st ever Hitchcock movie I truly enjoyed.I've never liked any of Hitchcock's other movies so I was NOT expecting to like this 1 at all.I was expecting to either fall asleep while watching it or turn it off after 20-30 minutes.I was into the movie right from the start & couldn't wait to see how it ended.My only complaint about I Confess was the ending.I never heard the 2 people, The 1 responsible for the murder & his wife confess to anything.The only thing they did was ask for forgiveness.I was expecting for the wife's conscience to get to her & she'd confess that her husband was the killer or the husband would confess to everything but neither 1 seemed to & that ruined the movie for me a bit.But still, Even if you're not a fan of Hitchcock I'd tell you go see this movie.It's worth watching



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